Fake Four Inc. Zip Up Hoodie


Despite what you’d think, given the name, Fake Four is far from fake. In fact, We here at Concuss are convinced it’s real. To celebrate our partnership with our east-coast brothers and sisters at Fake Four Inc. we’ve added their sweet Zip Up Hoodie to our lineup. Printed with the Fake Four logo front and back, this bad boy is black as your soul and your goth gf is probably already planning to steal it.

Really though, the guys over at Fake Four are our long-time friends and we hope to make it easy for you to obtain both of our products in one stop.

For the uninitiated, Fake Four is a record label based out of Connecticut that boasts an amazing roster with some of the biggest names in underground and indie hip hop, among other genres. Some of you may recognize the names Ceschi Ramos, Busdriver, Factor, Louis Logic, Moodie Black, Sadistik, Onry Ozzborn, Zavala and about a dozen or two others. Enough name dropping though, you can find their tunes over at fakefourinc.com.